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The Ontological Museum

This is the main museum site. Established in 1994. This site is where we upload all of the registered incoming works to the collection. VISIT 

The International Museum of Collage Assemblage and Construction

The IMCAC was established in 1998 and has been the main focus for the Archives through various projects and exhibitions. VISIT

The FluxMuseum

Established around 2007 the FluxMuseum, the Archives document 21st century Fluxus community activities. VISIT

The Archives of the Eternal Network

This collection focuses on and archives incoming mail artists contributions. VISIT

The Museum of Snapshot Photography

Our developing collection of vernacular photography. VISIT

Fluxus Laboratories

Our site for pseudo scientific fluxus style research. VISIT

The Exquisite Family Records

The Exquisite Family Records is based on the concept of the exquisite corpse but seeing the whole world as a single, interconnected and surrealistic family story. VISIT

Asemics Magazine

The Magazine documents the asemic writing community. VISIT

Fluxus Institute

An alternative concept for higher learning in the arts. VISIT

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