Editor’s Notes – PDQ Volume 1, Issue 2

Summer 1994 Volume 1, Issue 2 
“Shut up and paint!” rule no.23

Regional Pot-Luck Extravaganzas planned! 

The Committee for the Advancement of Post-Dogmatst Communal Activities recently announced plans to conduct several Post-Dogmatist Regional Pot-Luck extravaganzas for this summer as a practice run for next year’s International Pot-Luck Extravaganza and Camp-Out. Plans are in the works to have a weekend gathering of members of the International Post-Dogmatist Group for the summer of 1995 in some central location of the USA. All members are invited to propose a scenic location for this gathering perhaps in a national or state park campground. What ever locations that you would care to propose, please be sure to pick a sight close enough to motel accomodations etc. for those members who wish to attend but don’t want to ‘rough’ it. In keeping with Post-Dogmatist traditions, there will not be any formal events of any kind other than gathering for meals and conversation. But that will be in 1995. This Summer, the regional pot-luck extravaganzas will take the form of an afternoon cook-out/picnic in each of the four regions of the USA (each region is devided by time zones) This year’s shindig will be on the last Sunday in July but contact your Regional Administrator or District Director for more information regarding exact times and locations. In the next issue, which will be coming out in September, we will report on what happened around the country. New Members 

The International Post-Dogmatist Group is pleased to welcome the following new members: composer James Brody from Baltimore, painter Carol Wilder from Dallas, painter/musician Keith Lymon from Fort Worth, artist/writer Lanny Quarles from Wichita Falls, gallery owner Edith Baker from Dallas, Architect Tex Leidtka from Dallas, adjudicator Nancy Cohen from Dallas. 

International Post-Dogmatist Group Membership Information 

The International Post-Dogmatist Group hereby invites you to become an official IPDG member in its campaign to enlist 10,000 members. Just imagine, being a member in what will be the largest art movement in recorded history… Doesn’t that give you goosebumps, make your hair stand on end, cause your knees to turn to jello and put butterflies in you stomach? Unbeknownst to most, Post-Dogmatism has already enveloped humanity, it’s history and future. Therefore, all art movements, all styles, all approaches are now sub-categories within Post-Dogmatism. There are no outsiders. Be on the cutting edge of life! Be a Post-Dogmatist. To become a member; click here

And now a few words from the Neology Department: 

Artology– (ar tol’ o jee) 1)The study of the general field of art including its history, philosophies, influences, functions, ideas and expressions. 2)The study of the nature of art and its relationship to the development, expression and refinement of culture. 

Dogma Day Afternoon-The global holiday of the International Post-Dogmatist Group Commemorating the first day of Post-Dogmatism (March 19,1987) and is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of March with a ‘moment of reflection’ being the climax of the day at exactly 3:00 PM central standard time and is normally the occasion of a Potluck Extravaganza. This holiday was officially celebrated for the first time in March, 1994 (PDY-0007) 

Post-Dogmatist Potluck Extravaganza; A communal gathering of the International Post-Dogmatist Group to which members bring food and drink to share with each other during the meal and where the group discusses Post-Dogmatist concepts, ideas and policies as well as general conversation on topics of personal and group interest. The first Potluck Extravaganza took place in Ft. Worth, Texas in the late spring of 1987.

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