Welcome to the Department of Linguistic Records

Welcome to the Department of Written Documents. This is the archive of collected writings from members of the International Post-Dogmatist Group relating to Post-Dogmatist theory, thought and practice. 

The International Post-Dogmatist Group was established in 1987 by Patrick O’Kelley, Cecil Touchon and a third party who, forming the Post-Dogmatist Esoteric Underground Movement shall be referred to as I.B. Anonymous, P.D.Ph.d. for the time being.  

Post-Dogmatism as an art movement has no official art style, all art styles are appendages of Post-Dogmatist expression. Post-Dogmatism is all-inclusive, self-validating and profound beyond definition. Post-Dogmatism stands at the threshold between the infinite potential of reality and the expressions of human consciousness. As such, it is continually self-generating, self-harmonizing, self-affirming, self-expressing, self-defining and self-evident. Therefore, Post-Dogmatism has existed since the first creative human act and shall remain so long as human life exists. Post-Dogmatism is the ontological aspect in all art, all music, all philosophies, in all belief structures of all fields of human endeavor. Thus, whenever there is a creative act, there is Post-Dogmatism. Post-Dogmatism is that ancient principle that is continuously self-renewing. It remains forever mysterious, ineffable, ineffaceable and indubitable.  

The accomplished Post-Dogmatist is the challenger of the blindly accepted, the proposor of the dimly imagined, the perceiver of the overlooked, the recoverer of the nearly forgotten, the cultivator of dreams, the exposer of the essential, the explorer of the undiscovered, the champion of creative change.  

The International Post-Dogmatist Group has been founded to advance creative endeavor in all of its multifarious expressions, to encourage freedom of creative experiment and diversity of perspective, to foster tolerance and understanding among creative persons of all nations, to provide a context for interaction and association, to honor and acknowledge all those who, whether known or unknown, have worked to encourage and nurture the creative unfoldment of the human spirit and to overcome the oppression of ignorance and fear.

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