Excerpts from: “THE NEW HERMETICA” by Mr. Padraige O’Cellas

Excerpts from:


by Mr. Padraige O’CellasĀ 



Definition of Alchemy:
Alchemy consists of the art of the preparation and consumption of:


Qualification 1: A “crystal” is any material that brings any other material to a higher state of being, to a more perfect condition of existence, a better health, etc.
Qualification 2: “transmutation” is the evolutionary mutation toward more perfect forms.


“Live+do” = “conscious”.The Philosopher’s Stone is traditionally designated as that substance which brings PRIMA MATERIA (primal matter) to a perfect state of matter.

Since prima materia and spirit are a duality, the combination is necessary to constitute coming-into-being as a state-of-matter, any substance which perfects prima materia will also perfect spirit.

Perfection here is neither sin against gods nor the state of being “god”.

“PERFECTEDNESS” is open, a “highest state” today finds itself fallen tomorrow to become the bottom rung of an enormous ladder.

THE CRYSTALS OF TRANSMUTATION need not be defined by their power to turn metallic matter to gold, but this symbolic process is a model for all such operations. It is conceivable that a concoction may someday be compounded which is capable of converting every substance or thing to its perfected form, but even if it converts, as the model-of-all-processes, one generi only to the ideal, it shall deserve to be called the PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.

Our problems are not yet resolved. Which is the perfect “conscious rock”?

The Thinking Rock?
The Copulating Rock?
The Ecstatic Rock?

Note: The Highest State of kinds of States is the LIVING HOLOGRAM.

If everything is a hologram, then we must distinguish some other feature of holographic being other than holography to differentiate “living”.

Paradigm of Holographic Alchemy

o Tao is the following of Nature.
o Human alchemy consists of the procreation of intellect: Culture and Consciousness
o Humans make theories and laws; thus humans are allowed to change the laws of Nature.
o Mutate the body so as to develop non-random mutations.
o Bend the Tao, so as to select among alternative futures.

TAO Taoist Optics – That by which interference is made possible
Tao is the ether medium which sustains interference phenomena; generating atoms.
Tao arises a random coalescence of coherency in the incoherent Hun-Tun
Interference produces matter
The Gods (Laws) act on matter to produce objects. The objects in turn act on the Gods. Over a period of time those objects evolve and cause the Gods to change.
Objects / Space Āµ as above / so below
Humans are objects which can see the Gods (The Laws) which generated them. The laws and other objects in the world can not see themselves, do not know that objects, humans or themselves exist.


1. The conscious mind observes and remembers. By repeated observation we recognize and remember sequential orders that lead to particular and repeatable outcomes/manifestations.

2. We have the power to create and choose alternative futures. In developing the ability to create and to choose these futures we are doing what is natural (following Tao), but our choices are not decided by Tao. We decide by criteria of observation of experiences, volition, desires and lust (aesthetics).

3. There is a holomovement of Tao Waves (events/laws) generated by choices instigated by Humans. In our sphere we can see and know laws; we can decide to avert the bad or the good.

LAWS: mirrors, light in space. 

CHOICE: light a laser, make holograms.

4. Bending the Tao is accomplished by manipulation of Laws/Gods so as to bring into existence new events, new objects, new levels of consciousness. We can reproduce the world as it is, or choose to change it, or create completely a new one. As we evolve new futures what was to be the future will change. Tao is changed.

When we intervene with the course of Nature we become the conscious choosers of Destiny, the arbiters of a new destiny, of a new reality:


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