Notes from the Editor – PDQ – Volume 1 – Issue 3

Originally published in the International Post-Dogmatist Quarterly – Volume 1 – Issue 3

Welcome to the Post-Dogmatist Quarterly! This is our third issue and a couple of the members didn’t get their submissions in on time for this issue. Too bad! I was eagerly awaiting these submissions but we do need to try to stick to the deadlines which are: Nov. 1, Feb. 1, May 1, and Aug. 1. Try to stick to these times and send in things before the deadline if at all possible or be prepared to have your work put off till the next issue. We still have not received any subscriptions from anyone. Is everybody broke, disinterested or just forgetful? Maybe you don’t realize it but printing and mailing cost money and these quarterlies are not free even if you are getting them. You are expected to subscribe or at the minimum kick in a few bucks here and there. 

The Pot-luck Extravaganza Camp-out here in Pagosa Springs went great. We really had a lot of fun. Altogether there were only twelve of us but one couple flew up from New Orleans! Lot’s of biking and marshmallows over the fire while enjoying the spectacular Rocky Mountain camp site. You should have been there! Oh well, maybe next year. 

Mr. O’ Kelly informed me that the Camp-out on the East Coast was really something. The number of people that showed up there put our gathering to shame! Mr. O’Kelly didn’t give me any exact numbers but it was quite a crowd and he intends to make a report for the next issue. According to press reports though, the gang was very messy from what I understand. You may have noticed also. On T.V. they called it Woodstock ’94. Try to be a little cleaner next time gang! We don’t want to get a bad reputation. 

Cecil Touchon, Editor 

New Members and Appointments

The International Post-Dogmatist Group welcomes the following new members: Artist: Pam Summers of Lake Worth, Texas and congratulations on finally getting married!

CORRECTIONS to Vol. 1, Issue 2:

1) The missing last line on page two (in the physical issue) is; ” … and bottles of alcohol ranged in price from $80.00 to $130.00!”.

2) I later found out that the photo on page one was taken in Florida not Texas.

The Post-Dogmatist Neological Reference; 

3rd Edition

Heard or invented any new Post-Dogmatist words lately? The Neology Department would like to hear about them for inclusion in the Neological Reference; Third Edition*. Be sure, when submitting new neologisms, to include a phonic version, definitions and permutations of the word if any. 

International Royal Academy of Post-Dogmatist Arts – Neology Department –

* There is no 1st or 2nd edition. We thought 3rd sounded more impressive.

Proposal for the Establishment of Sites of Post-Dogmatist Pilgrimage

I would like to suggest that we work jointly on proposing an indefinite number of sites world wide which are significant locations for a Post-Dogmatist Pilgrimage. To mark such sites we could come up with a standard form from which to make concrete castings which would become markers placed at each location. I envision these locations being visited by post-dogmatists during trips where they would then do the ‘salute’ on top of the marker and perhaps leave little fetishes or momentos of their own to commemorate their having visited the spot. 

One spot would be the painting department at U.T.Arlington or a location outside of the building where Post-Dogmatism was first recognized. Other sites might be established for a variety of reasons that make them significant or could be random locations that are made significant by virtue of having been chosen and visited. We could then make a Map of Pilgrimage that would give directions to these sites so that Post-Dogmatists can travel from site to site and perhaps have some sort of “Post-Dogmatist Ontological Experience”. 

If you like the idea and or would like to participate in this project or have sites that you would like to propose, contact the Committee for the Establishment of Sites of Post-Dogmatist Pilgrimage at the International Royal Academy of Post-Dogmatist Arts at Pagosa Springs. 

When in Dallas for Gallery Night, I was so happy to have the very good fortune to run into a couple of the charter members of the International Post-Dogmatist Group: Kathryn Kneip and Lambrini Piskiolis who I hope will be submitting something interesting for a future issue. 

“The real life of a man, the one that others know, is not a man’s true reality. That is an image that people make of him. The real MirĂ³ is as much the person I am, the person I know inside myself, as the one I have become for others, and perhaps even for myself. Is it not the essential self in the mysterious light that emanates from the secret source of one’s creative work-the thing that finally becomes the whole man? His true reality is there. 

It is a deeper, more ironical reality, indifferent to the one before our eyes; and yet, it is the same reality. It need only be illuminated from below, by the light of a star…” 

Juan MirĂ³, from a statement in XXE SIÉCLE (Paris), June, 1957

“The only difference between myself and a madman, is that I am not mad!” Salvador Dali 

The International Post-Dogmatist Group was established in 1987 by Patrick O’Kelley, Cecil Touchon and a third party who, forming the Post-Dogmatist Esoteric Underground Movement, shall be referred to as I.B. Anonymous, P.D.Ph.d. for the time being. 

Post-Dogmatism, as an art movement, has no official art style, all art styles are appendages of Post-Dogmatist expression. Post-Dogmatism is all-inclusive, self-validating and profound beyond definition. Post-Dogmatism stands at the threshold between the infinite potential of reality and the expressions of human consciousness. As such, it is continually self-generating, self-harmonizing, self-affirming, self-expressing, self-defining and self-evident. Therefore, Post-Dogmatism has existed since the first creative human act and shall remain so long as human life exists. Post-Dogmatism is the ontological aspect in all art, all music, all philosophies, in all belief structures of all fields of human endeavor. Thus, whenever there is a creative act, there is Post-Dogmatism. Post-Dogmatism is that ancient principle that is continuously self-renewing. It remains forever mysterious, ineffable, ineffaceable and indubitable. 

The accomplished Post-Dogmatist is the challenger of the blindly accepted, the proposor of the dimly imagined, the perceiver of the overlooked, the recoverer of the nearly forgotten, the cultivator of dreams, the exposer of the essential, the explorer of the undiscovered, the champion of creative change. 

The International Post-Dogmatist Group has been founded to advance creative endeavor in all of its multifarious expressions, to encourage freedom of creative experiment and diversity of perspective, to foster tolerance and understanding among creative persons of all nations, to provide a context for interaction and association, to honor and acknowledge all those who, whether known or unknown, have worked to encourage and nurture the creative unfoldment of the human spirit and to overcome the oppression of ignorance and fear.

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